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About the Author

Michael McPherson is a minister of the Gospel and has led a global teaching ministry, LLG Ministries (, for over 12 years. The ministry provides teaching, inspirational resources and lessons to small groups in Africa, India, Europe and North America.


From refugees in the Congo, who connect via cell phone, to missionaries in India, LLG Ministries has helped group leaders learn and share the Gospel.

“Over the last 12 years the Lord has allowed me to experience the things I now write about and share with you as a minister of the gospel. The inspiration was to give my children and grandchildren a presentation of the full gospel they are unlikely to hear in many pulpits. Praying that after I am gone the power of the gospel will be their guide to the Lord and to life everlasting. 


The Glory of God teaches that the purpose of man and all creation is the glorification of God Almighty. And the only way to glorify the Lord is for the child of God to bear much fruit - to grow into the fullness of Christ, the mature, the complete, the perfect - the love of God shed abroad in your heart.  


Imagine that, the fullness of God, according to each one’s measure of faith, coursing through your spirit and soul, to God’s glory. The Lord’s wisdom no longer a mystery and your purpose in life made clear, as the power of God takes you to the height of life and the fullness of Christ.”


Praise the Lord, my Father, Savior and friend. Amen

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Publisher Review

It sounds strange to say a book is written to be read. But in this case, The Glory of God was written to be read to others. Whether you are reading to a son or daughter, father or mother, or to a group full of men, using a masterful poetic style that is uniquely inspired, the author engages the reader from beginning to end. 


The Glory of God presents the full gospel with no short-cuts taken, it is straight with no chaser, the truth bare and blunt. The full gospel is the telling of creation, the sin of man, the wrath to come, the salvation of God, His unimaginable love, the holiness he demands, and the Kingdom that comes.  


Use this book to share the Gospel with family and friends, loved ones and wayward men. Foremost, the book is a guide to giving God glory, and to reaching the fullness of Christ in one’s life.  


Instead of a card or flowers this year, give The Glory of God as a treasured gift that will be remembered year after year.  


May you be blessed 

Group Meeting

Host a Book Party

Host a book party and read or play The Glory of God (TGOG) to your children, grandchildren,youth of all ages, family, friends, and neighbors.

Evangelistic in its mission, purposeful in its message, The Glory of God brings people to listen. It is the greatest story ever told in a beautiful poetic form that helps believers grow and the lost find life in the love of Christ. 

TGOG tells the full gospel in a way that is soothing but powerful and engaging to hear. All will gather round as you play the audio. Some will be convicted, others may cry and even testify, but none shall leave not knowing you care. 


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